Laptops Under 300 USD

Laptops have become a part of our everyday life. We require laptops for almost all our works including office work, gaming, media entertainment, keeping in touch with friends and family and many other purposes. Owning a laptop has become a standard for living these days and so people try different ways of acquiring one. In such times of expensive technology, major brands have come up with inexpensive laptops which can be easily bought from any branded store around the world.


Some people need a laptop for the bare cheap-mum needs such as having an internet connection, or playing movies, music and other media stuffs, or for simple low-graphic games. For them spending a whole lot of money on advanced laptops is a waste. And so, cheap laptops come in picture in times such as these.

Hardware and software

Cheap laptops are available in almost all the major brands and they differ from regular laptops in size, display quality, RAM, processors, cost and graphical interface. Usually installed with a single core processor, these laptops have a fixed number of slots for RAM and so cannot be enhanced for better functionality. RAM is usually a standard 2-GB or 1-GB RAM which is enough for the basic needs of the users.

Such laptops feature a 3 or 6 cell lithium-ion battery depending upon the requirement of the user and the type of work which the user wishes to perform using the laptop. These laptops are installed with the basic graphics card usually a 1-GB Intel card and have a smaller than average screen size. The operating system could be windows based or Linux based operating system as per user’s needs.

Cost of inexpensive laptops

The whole purpose of these laptops is to satisfy the users in the minimum amount of money possible. Keeping this in mind, many brands have launched their respective versions of mini laptops which cost as low as possible and provide as much as possible. Some of the branded laptops include- Samsung N128, N148, HP mini notebook, Wespro mini laptop and many others. The cost of these laptops might range anything from $50 to $300.

Usage of these laptops

Not only are these laptops easy to use and very light on one’s pocket, they can be carried around with little pain. These laptops are very light weighted and require minimum amount of space in one’s luggage and so are perfect for people who travel frequently on business trips or for vacations. Kid’s laptops for babies about 4 years of age are an extremely helpful tool for keeping them busy while you can complete your daily work.

Buy your lifeline now

There is no doubt in the ability of the laptops to transform one’s life to a more automated one. And if one can achieve this lifestyle by paying a small amount of money, it is worth every penny. Apart from the modest designs and inexpensive hardware, these laptops require minimum maintenance which makes them one of the best buys in the market of laptops today. | | | | Singapore's No 1 Property Portal